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Although there are so many overdue posts, I thought it would be good if I just post whenever I have the time!


My nails for this CNY!
It is an inspiration from sixian’s nails, although hers is so much nicer!
My original attempt is to made ombre nails but it sort of failed so I decide to just anyhow mix the colours, pollock inspired hehehe! (:

Day 1 – Aunt’s house!
Watch TV > Lunch

#ootd (:

Day 1 – Grandma’s house!
Unlike the usual CNY, we only visited 2 houses this year!
And unlike the usual steamboat session, we had vegetarian dinner hahaha, still yummy! (:

Watch TV > See baby nephew > Dinner > Play charades SG version

After the fun w charades, we went void deck to take photos!
Halfway, this chubby little girl came to ask me to carry her!
And when I was going to return her to her maid, she refuses hahaha so cute!
So I asked to take photo w her, but she doesn’t looked very happy in the photo right?
Tsktsk, so young cheat my feelings hahaha :<


End of day 1 (:
PS: The background is my new flowery bed sheet hehehe!
Was joking w pamy&pm that I will post at insta since so many of our friends posted on their new bed sheet hahaha!

Day 2 – Red Star Restaurant!
Ever since I got memory, every 初二 I will have dim sum w my maternal relatives without failed!
Hehehe, so I guessed it will become something I will still practice even when I am older! (:
Photos w my bro’s so expensiveeeeeee cap!


Day 2 – (another) aunt’s house!

Bro commented that I act cute hahaha, but it is a candid shot he captured while I am talking to him!


My bro’s birthday is today but we celebrated w him ytd!
He wanted to watch “The Lion Men” so we went to catch it w him!
It was not bad, quite funny, but got sequel to it!
It is the first time my bro watched a movie w me & my mum, after more than 10 years? (:

My mum & I treated bro dinner @ MOF!
I had Asari Pasta which tasted super good, the soup is so sweet thanks to the clams! ^^
Was sweetness overdose w matcha latte, matcha ice-cream & mango shaved ice, which all tasted great!


A photo of us (:

Happy me by Lim kim (: (Reply 1994 OST)
Recently, I am slowly catching up Reply 1994! (although I already saw the ending :<)
I think this song is the sweetest song ever! Hehe, it is the song kwonnie serenade to gain during christmas too! ^^


My Love – Lee Seung Chul!
Touching song, touching mv of a proposal! (:

My favourite boys did perform the song together w the singer too!
Featuring gyuzizi w his new hairstyle hahaha super cute!
He have the same hairstyle w minyul “oppa” and trash from Reply 1994 hehehehehe!


December is the month of birthdays!
For the first 10 days of Dec, I have 5 friend’s birthdays which is like wowwwwww! :O

On the 3rd, it was sixian’s birthday! (primary besties > secondary)
We surprised her by “coincidentally” meeting them & we had lunch at Nakhon Kitchen together!
All my favourite thai food *yum yum yum* ♥.♥
Before that, mt&I went to buy starbucks 1-for-1 for us!

The forever xmm in my eyes, happy birthday to the future teacher, my 9 years & counting friend! (:

Coincidentally, met our classmate, Ginnie, who was eating at Nakhon too!
Xian’s birthday celebration was totally an impromptu one, mt&I decided to join them for lunch just 30mins before they are meeting hahaha!
Nonetheless, I really enjoyed my lunch w them & happy to meet them! (:
Despite the fact that I only have an hour w them because I need to rush back school for my lesson!
And I should have wore nicer if I knew I am meeting them! :<


On the 5th, it was shyeni’s birthday! (poly > uni)
The most cheerful, smiley and auntie friend I ever had! (:

Hehehe, all of us purposely planned not to wish her!
And heard from xj that she was really sad abt it, yayyyyy we succeeded! ^^
We had a failed surprise for her, but nonetheless she is still happy (that she teared) hahaha!

On the 6th!
Had dinner @ Tim Ho Wan w my poly girls to celebrate ni’s belated and ww’s advanced birthday!
It was my first time trying and I think their char siew buns were really awesome!!! (Y)

With nini! ^^
She wore the top which we gave her last last year as birthday gift, one year passed so fast!

The happy birthday girls w their reused birthday cakes, hahaha! (:


My poly girls ♥

Three of us went for a walk around Somerset, Orchard and took photos w the pretty christmas decor!
Love especially the first photo w such christmas feel! (:


On the 10th, it was nana’s (aka dailou) birthday! (:
We never failed to mention Mr. Song for putting us as table buddy during sec 3!
Hahaha, I am confidence that we will be BFF for life ♥


After my last paper, met up w favourites & had a crazy, yet enjoyable noon at Playnation! (:
Woke up w sore arms and legs the next day due to over enthu, unglam dancing lol!

With my #e2girls! (:


Favourites ♥♥♥

七里香 by 周杰伦! (:


Speedy update of my second part of November!
Can’t time just slow down? :< :< :<
It is like two more days to my bkk trip and soon is the start of my winter sem!
On the other hand, I am excited for the upcoming christmas exchanges w my favourites! (:


Went USS twice in a week during the third week w the e2 girls!
On the first day, we had our lunch @ Ice Edge Cafe which is situated at Kovan!
2 of our girls worked there and we ordered 5 items to share, ended up with super bloated tummies!
The price was acceptable as they have lunch promotion: 1-for-1 for selected items!
I love my Prawn Pesto Cream Linguine, it was really really nice! (:

On the first day we went, it was raining super heavily when we reached! :<
Kind of affected our mood but was glad that it stopped right after our Transformer ride!

The best ride was definitely “The Revenge of the Mummy” since the roller coasters were down!
Almost “fainted” as daphne&joyce held onto my hands during the free fall so I couldn’t hold onto the barrier!
Hahaha it was so scary for my weak heart but I admit it was more fun this way too! (:
I was tricked by J because she touched my leg at the part where the bugs came out, omoya hahaha!

Actually 4 of us were a weird combination because we weren’t with our clique of friends from the class!
However, we bonded really well and had an enjoyable day together!
This is why e2 is my favourite class because all of us can click well! (:
I think that I was already in good terms w D&shining, so I am glad that these trips made me&J closer!


The really beautiful castle taken on the second day!
Do you believe in happily ever after? (:

As it was a full day, we had more time to take photos w the mascots on our second visit!
My favourite photo is the one with woodpeckers, hehe! (:
Hahaha, the woodpecker couple kept fooling around so we guessed that they must be both guys!
We kept acting cute with the twist because that was J’s signature pose hahaha!

We laughed so much looking at the photos that was taken during “The Revenge of the Mummy” ride!
We all agreed on a pose for each ride, yet it all ended up so hilarious!
How much courage does it takes to do the pose and not hold onto the barrier during the free fall? :<

We had our late lunch @ Aston’s!
I felt that we had bonded so much at lunch, talking abt things we usually don’t share! (:


The Dream Parade! (:

We stayed at USS to wait for the fireworks @ 8pm!
I felt that the USS at night have a different feel from the morning one!

The beautiful fireworks of USS, which lasted for around 10-15 minutes!
My video is only the 15 seconds before the ends of it! (:

Dinner @ Secret Recipe – Thai Seafood Spaghetti!
I am a pasta lover but I had the worst pasta ever!
It was ultra hot & spicy till I feel like I am paying to torture myself!
Every mouth I ate I felt like tearing because it was really too hot! :/
However, it was weird that J ordered the same as mine yet hers wasn’t spicy at all! :<

We went to Starbucks in mind of ordering the unique drinks!
However, we were quite disappointed that all of the drinks we wanted wasn’t available in SG! :<
Nonetheless, the staff recommended us Butterbeer and we had that!
I think it tasted quite good, I like the combination of toffee nut + caramel!
I’ve learnt something new of ordering a Venti size and request to divide them and they will give you 2 Tall size!


The super pretty christmas tree @ Vivo City!
Happy because it is another PURPLE one, yayyyyyy! (:

We went there to chill out w our Starbucks!
I had so much fun w them, talking abt our class’s insider jokes and classmates hahaha!


On the third week’s friday, coincidentally met my HTM girls at the traffic light!
Hahahaha, so we ended up taking a group photo randomly! (:

We are attending sharina’s 21st birthday on that evening! (:
Met up w the 2 sweeties to buy presents after my lesson!
We have nth to do so we ended up selca-ing at HCL hahaha w the presents lol!


W the christmas candy house outside Bugis Junction! (:
Tsktsktsk, what am I doing? Making a wish? :/

I think three of us were basically like triples of the day!
We went almost everywhere together hahaha!
I had a good time w them! (:

W my lovely HTM girls! (:

Hahaha selca w yeobo~ (:

Group photos!
It was an enjoyable birthday/gathering/reunion with my HTM girls! (:

I start to stress abt what sld I do for my 21st, sighhhhhh!
I think it doesn’t necessary need to be chalet/hotel etc, I am also fine w just dinner as usual! (:

Photos w the beautiful birthday girl! (:
It is hard to click w everyone but I am glad I click well w her since our 2.1!


2 days after sharina’s birthday is yeobo’s birthdayyyyyyyy! (:
Glad to have so many memories w you, more to come! 


On the last week’s monday, we had pamy’s 21st dinner together!
Pardon for being late on your birthday dinner due to some delay in printing, hehe!
Done a birthday card which I am proud of, w little helping hands from MT! (:

Had dinner @ Paddington House of Pancakes!
I ordered Smoked salmon pancakes with scrambled eggs and we shared Cheesy Fries!
I dislike how the pancakes were so spicy and I realised I am actually not fan of smoked salmon, so well…

Great dinner w the girls! (:

We had so much fun while taking photos after our dinner! (:
I have no idea what were we doing on the first photo but we just kept laughing hahaha!
Sad that I am turning 21st and sn just turned 20th! :<

Our pretty polariods of the day! (:

With my working dongsaengs, limin & emma! (:
Enjoyed working w both of them because I can talk freely w them, hehehe!


On one fine day, received pack-a-boost packages from dearest you-know-who!
Hehehe, thank you for giving me! (:


On the last week’s tuesday, met up w MT to change currency!
We had our first mookata dinner, it was super awesomeeeeee!
Really love the chilli sauce & the soup! (Y)

On the last week’s wednesday, met up w the girls to watch “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” (:
Had an enjoyable 2 hours and can’t wait for part 3!

悄悄告诉你 by 范瑋琪! (:
From the movie “The stolen years” – 被偷走的那五年
“有些人 在心底从來沒忘记“


YAYYYYYY! Finally back to this blog!
Is just less than 2 mths but there are so many things to update abt!
Maybe I sld be glad that life and schedule became so much more fun & packed since uni started! (:

On the first thursday of Nov, I went Lola’s Cafe for dinner w huiling after our eng class! (:
Thankfully, we were there before the peak hours so we only waited for around 15 mins!
We shared 2 main courses: Summer Swimmer Crab Spaghetti & Beer Battered Fish and Chips!
Personally, I really like the pasta & the dislike the latter!


On the first friday of Nov, we met up in the evening to celebrate darren’s birthday!
Taken while waiting for mrt w zenghong & jocelyn! (:

Met up w Mark in the noon to watch “Thor: The Dark World” together!
It was quite a rare occasion since he hardly met up w us, hahaha!
Overall I think the movie was nice and thrilling, with an unexpected twist at its ending!
Looking forward to its sequel! (:
On a side track, I really think Loki looked like Anthony Neely hahaha!


Really like this photo taken w Jocelyn, hehe! (:


We had our dinner @ Aston’s before going to k!
Had a very fun, nervous & exciting mission of putting the cake at teoheng, yet avoiding being seen by darren!
He could have spotted us if he just turned behind, but I am happy that we did it, hehehe!
Glad that our surprise appearance of Anthony succeeded too, yay! (:


Surprise of birthday cake succeeded too(?)
The cake was nice but I am too full from dinner to finish it hahaha!


With the flowers! (:

Despite we went to sing again, it was still an enjoyable gathering together! (:

On the first saturday of Nov, woke up super early in the morning to attend my cousin’s wedding!
With my bro while waiting for the wedding car to arrive!
My bro was supposed to open the wedding car’s door, so he kept asking me what sld he say!
Hahaha then I just kept saying idk idk idk, lol first time experiencing such situation!
Hehehe, anyway I like the photo on the left because my bro smiled yet he insist to ask me delete that photo! :/
Smile = not cool? :< :< :<

That night, we went early to the venue & went to my aunt’s hotel room to rest!
Then my bro and I went take selcas around the room lol hahaha!
Glad that I finally got an occasion to wear the heels(not really) I bought from tw! (:

It was my first time sitting at the main table during wedding, cool experience! (:
We were tasked to open the party poppers which I insist my bro to do it and I threw the flower petals instead hahaha!
And they had my favourite rabbit soft toy at the reception, hehehe super cute!


A photo with the newlyweds! (:
Really happy abt their wedding because they were together for 10 years, since I was p4!
And it was cool that they knew each other since secondary school, hehehe!
My bro and I had so many memories of playing computer games with them when we were young!
Watched how my cousin proposed, it was really sweet, touching, as well as, funny hahaha! (:


With my closest cousin from my mum’s side! (:


Bride in ultra beautiful blue glittery gown! (:
Hahaha my bro can’t take his eyes off it and kept telling me very beautiful!
So I joked w him to ask his future wife to wear something like that too hahaha!

The beautiful red & pink roses! (:
I brought them home and made them into dry petals, hehe!
Really like the photo on the right, thanks to “artistic” bro & his samsung phone hahaha!

My cutie nieces who I see once a year during new year hahaha!
They are so adorable, I think the younger one looked like Agnes from Despicable Me!
Slightly sad that I am ahyi now, does that means I am old now? :<

On the second friday of Nov, I am so so so so so glad and relief that we completed our FAB presentation!
It is our first and last presentation of the sem, happy to end it on a good note!
Yayyyyyy, with my lovely groupmates! (:

On our way to home/orchard, happy us! (:

On the second saturday of Nov, I went to sing k w Jocelyn! (:
Glad to sing the songs that we’ve been wanting to sing!
Hehehe, super happy to see that the christmas tree @ 313 Somerset basement is PURPLE!
To add on, it is the tone of purple that I like, yayyyyyyy!

Dinner @ Hot Tomato and chill @ Starbucks after dinner!
I am actually quite happy that I can said I am “L” when they ask for my name!
Heehee, L sshi~ ^^

Heart to heart by Demi Lovato! (:
Really love this song from the movie ost of Mortal Instruments: City of Bones!



Became an “Appa Odiga” addict recently, the kids were super adorable, funny, sweet and kind-hearted especially hoo, joonie and junsu! (:
Feel kind of amazed t0 see how the kids grow up as the episodes goes!
How I wish they can be forever young hahaha!

This is a song written by hoo’s dad for him, I really love this song!
In the middle of the song, there is a part on hoo’s adorable cries and voice too!
You can totally feel how much hoo’s dad love his son~ (♥.♥)
Which I find it to be very touching as hoo always said that his dad don’t love him, awww~

“My angel my angel to me
The sky has given me a great gift
I slept like a beautiful love
My angel my angel to me
This world has given me great pleasure
Pretty good night my love

You’re my angel, you’re right, I’ll be your wings
If you are my heaven, I’ll be your star

My angel my angel to me
The sky has given me a great gift
I slept like a beautiful love
My angel my angel to me
This world has given me great pleasure
Pretty good night, good night my love”

(Cr: Tumblr)

My cutie angels~ (♥.♥)